Gay Male Issues Counseling

Hi, I'm Mac Partlow

I am a real person with a real checkered history,
a real life, a real relationship, and real challenges of my own.
I value my bad boy past even more than my good boy past
because those times provided me with the greatest learning and growth.
I learned that those "bad boy" days was my own instinctive need
to get out of the trap of feeling like I had to be a perfect good boy.

Mac creates an incredible, safe, professional space for clinicians to do their work. In addition to being an excellent therapist with his own practice, he is a valued resource, colleague, and mentor.
Rachel LordKenaga - Mental Health Counselor

My counseling is based on a wellness model.

This means that I am committed to the belief that you, the client, have an innate drive towards health and growth, and the inner wisdom to make constructive changes in your life. Based upon assisting you with the problem you have identified, I also believe in actively working with the whole of your life.

Sometimes that will mean that I will be a counselor and help you examine the basics, such as relationships, work life and physical well-being. On this level I am often a coach, and attempt to provide you with information and support when and how to accomplish standard life tasks.

My practice includes a wide range of clients from late adolescents to adults. I have the greatest experience with gay male issues and gay couples relationship issues.


Relationship Issues Counseling

Strong people can own their stuff. Weak people cannot.

Life can't be about being perfect - that's what made your life stop working in the first place. It has to be about becoming and owning yourself as you truly are, and living life in a way that needs no apologies, guilt or shame.

As Anne Wilson-Schaef put it so well, "See what you see, know what you know" about the good and bad of not only other people and circumstances in your life but also have the strength to own the good and bad about your own behaviors.

Nothing human is foreign to me

Oscar Wilde