Gay Couples

Issues Counseling

Ram Dass put it so well, "Being in a Relationship is the hardest yoga you will ever do."

When you get into a relationship, it's natural to first think; Good, now I don t have to work on myself anymore. What you find out is that you have to work on yourself more than ever before!
Some of the hard things you have to work on include:
  • How you maintain your own individual identity while cultivating an identity in the relationship.
  • If you can't get power up front in a relationship, it's almost guaranteed that you will find more passive-aggressive ways to try and attain it.
Prime example of the relationship puzzle is that, in relationship you can be right a lot of times and put that in your partner's face all the time or you can be in relationship and compromise, yes I was right but you have a point, the truth is a lot of times you can't be both.
A lot of what relationship is about is establishing a successful split of power and responsibility; you get 50% of the power and responsibility and your partner gets 50% of the power and responsibility. One person can't always lead in the relationship and the other person always follow.